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How to Smoke CBD Dabs

Are you a first-time dabber and want to know how to smoke CBD dabs? Or are you already in the field of dabbing and heard all the great news surrounding CBD and the benefits it is having for so many users and want to try it too? Smoking CBD can be a great experience.

CBD dabs offer the ability to experiment smoking without being overwhelmed with the high that THC can bring. Not only that, you get the experience of the medicinal benefits as well, from CBD and still feel in control and in your right mind as you go through your day. Dabbing CBD is easier on your lungs than smoking. It has immediate effects and provides you with subtle flavors to enjoy. Of course, if you are new to dabbing the first thing you will need to invest in is a good “dab/oil rig.” Try not to feel intimidated when you go to purchase your device as it does look similar to a bong from the days way back when weed was perhaps your thing.

What you also need is a high-quality dabbable concentrate. The concentrates you can purchase are in the form of wax and other common extracts you may hear of are crumble, shatter, budder. Each one has a different consistency and texture. They also have a slightly different taste. When purchasing your materials and your CBD to dab, always be sure to research for the best available. Once you have all that you need to experience dabbing take your rig and use your torch to heat up the nail, once it is hot, place your glass dome over the nail to cool some, now take the dabber with your choice of concentrate on it and place directly on the nail under the glass dome and inhale slowly.

Lastly, exhale and enjoy the benefits of this type of way to experience your CBD intake. Remember you do not need much to get your desired benefits and you can always add more to if needed. Dabbing is one of the best ways to get immediate and effective relief. It can be great to try especially if you experience chronic pain or even high anxiety and are looking for a quicker way to perhaps get relief.

Crumble CBD Dabs

As stated above, “crumble” is one form of concentrate to use with your dabbing device. What is CBD crumble? You get crumble by the way you purge the wax at a lower temperature. CBD crumble is potent, fast acting, convenient and you will find you only need a small amount. It can be up to 99% CBD, which means the effectiveness of crumble can be great for those who require high amounts of CBD to treat their medical conditions.

Crumble does come apart easily, it is not messy and it can be quite flavorful. It is more expensive, but it lasts a lot longer and the serving size is smaller. So considering that, crumble can still be a good value for your money. Many like crumble because it allows for each person to find the precise amount of CBD to take for their condition and more importantly the relief they may get almost instantly. Buying CBD crumble is a personal preference for the user as there are other CBD dabs you can purchase as well. If you find crumble is not for you, trying shatter, budder or the other dabs can be another option.

CBD Oil Online

Perhaps one of the best ways to purchase your CBD oil is by doing a search online. Many like this approach for the fact that they can get their CBD delivered right to their doorstep. CBD has a favorable following and many companies have been added to the online experience. The question is how to find a good company and a good quality CBD product.

The very best way is to do some very important research. Research the company and by reading the reviews can be a good place to start. It is best to understand the companies process that goes into making their products by reading the information given. Be sure that companies do employ 3rd party testing of their product, which allows the confidence that you are getting in the bottle exactly what is printed on the label. It is vital that you don’t buy just from anyone. The CBD world is a market that is growing fast and many are trying to get in on it at the expense to the user by not providing a pure and good quality product. It is generally buyer beware and be completely educated about your CBD products.


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