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Written by: Mike P.

This product has helped me a lot with anxiety. I started using the 250mg, but since my anxiety sometimes is too strong I am now taking the 1000mg. I strongly recommend this for people with stress and anxiety problems.

Written by: Matilde O.

I have tried a few different CBD tintures. But TruBlu Peppermint is by far the best. I thought this one was going to be the same as the others but “No Way”. Tru Blu has changed my life and now is part of my daily living. And the taste is great. TRU BLU it WORKS.

Written by: Sherrie L.

I’ve had inflammatory arthritis for almost 20 years and for the last 10 have had to rely on opioids & muscle relaxants to treat the pain and muscle spasms. I decided to try CBD to help stave off my next rise in serving size and, instead, have been reducing the amount of prescriptions I’ve had to use on a daily basis. I especially love how much it helps with muscle spasms. This has been a game-changer for me and helps me manage my arthritis while still being able to have a clear head to keep working, and helps me get more restful sleep. I’ve tried other brands but BMH has an amazing quality and consistency which is hard to find. I really like the berry flavor and love that there are so many to choose from too. My only complaint is that the dropper bottles leak out of the top with frequent use, so it’s hard to carry with me. Other than that, I’m thrilled with the product.

Written by: Kathy A.

I started using Blue Moon Hemp on my ankle , I had so much swelling and pain I went so far as to meet with a surgeon to discuss my options. Someone gave me a sample to try and since I have been using this I have very little pain and no swelling I also have some arthritis in my fingers and have noticed it is not bent and misshapen as it was ….an again I am happy to say no pain.
I have been recommending Blue Moon Hemp to everyone I know many have purchased and a lot of them are seeing similar results .
This product is unbelievable and I will continue to tell people about it .

Written by: Suzanne, G.

My dog Charlee had been in heart failure for about 6 months when he suddenly started having seizures. One weekend the seizures started happening about once every hour and he became so weak that he lost all control of his body and couldn’t stand or walk in between the seizures. It was like overnight his little body just gave out and I was afraid we would have to say goodbye to him on Monday. I had a bottle of TruBlu for dogs on hand from an earlier issue so I decided to try it. I was hoping it would do something to alleviate his suffering over the weekend; I wasn’t expecting a cure but the results were nothing but miraculous. I gave him the recommended dose once every 8 hours and within minutes of each dose he had enough strength to walk a little bit. He was very wobbly and the “bursts of energy” didn’t last very long but I could tell something was happening even though I could hardly believe it. I continued administering the CBD once every 8 hours for the following days and the seizures completely stopped. And little by little his strength came back entirely. It’s been another 6 months now and he’s still suffering from heart failure but hasn’t had anything resembling a seizure since I started him on the CBD. Today he is walking, running, jumping, and simply being his little old self, something I thought I might never see again. I am so grateful that I had this to try when I did. It’s given Charlee back his quality of life and given me just a little more precious time with him. I wish I could tell the world about our small miracle so everyone could try it if they needed it. As far as Charlee goes, I think he would like tell the world that he loves the bacon flavor, he happily licks every last drop when it’s time to take his dose. Every single time! I think he knows it saved him. I am so thankful that I am able to give this to him and I will continue to every day that I can. I hope our story will help someone have the courage to try it out.

Written by: Alan B.

I have issues with pain from a previously broken ankle. The Limonene Creme Blu Salve works very well and I don’t have to take any pain pills.

Written by: Jennifer L.

I live with anxiety and depression. I got the Flan vape juice and it has done wonders for me! I stay much calmer on a daily basis. My mom also uses Blue Moon, She has Stage 4 Appendix Cancer and the Total Eclipse helps her tremendously with the pain and side effects of chemo!

Written by: Sandra S.

The products are fabulous and your order comes very quickly and they keep in contact with you . If you have any questions you can call and they will get it done. Thank you for such excellent quality products and service- You All Rock!

Written by: Linda V.

What a lifesaver for me! I wish everyone with MS could know about the wonders of CBD!

Written by: Corene, L.

I vape this for stress, depression and anxiety. It’s amazing!

Written by: Scott, H.

I have been using Blue Moon Hemp “Red Devil” for the past 20 days, with my doctor’s supervision. I am no longer taking Motrin 4x day (for arthritis), T3 with COD, or Naproxen (for back pain), or Fiorinal for migraines! Thanks for such a really great product! I also love that there is no “Throat Hit” with your product!

Written by: Mike, T.

Absolutely love this, bought the half moon flan and it’s done wonders for me and my anxiety. Thank you!

Written by: Kevin, G.

I do not regret the choice to give Blue Moon Hemp a shot. I immediately felt less pain after the first usage. It is definitely making a difference with my knee and foot pain. I am hoping some of the other possible effects start to show over time, like helping my diabetes.

Written by: Chris, N..

I started using this CBD oil about 2 weeks ago. I have a severe herniated disc L4-L5 as well as pretty bad anxiety. I’m constantly stressed and anxious. I started with the 500mg and within 24-48 hours I cut my ibuprofen consumption from 20 pills a day (or more) to 5-10 a day. My anxiety was super in check, and I was just chill, middle of the road good to go. I just got some 2000mg yesterday and man what a difference. 1-3 dropperfuls a day and I’m set.

Written by: Sebastian, P.

I would like to thank the owner of the company. In a vape expo in Medellin Colombia he gave me a free sample of the Creme Blue 250mg CBD Salve to help my mom with her Carpal Tunnel issues. I’m am incredibly impressed with this ointment, and so is my mom, she used it for less than a week and her pain is completely gone. She was wearing a wrist brace to help with the pain before using the cream… she doesn’t need it anymore. Excellent product I recommend it 100%.

Written by: Scott, H.

I was skeptical about the whole CBD thing but after doing my research I went with this brand and I am not disappointed! Works perfect for my anxiety!

Written by: Carrie, H.

I currently care for a 72 year old lady who has had a stroke 6 months ago. She has constant pain in her knees and arm on the paralyzed side. I rub the hurting joints and muscles with the rub and the pain is gone. It’s a great product.