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What Are CBD Dabs?

CBD dabs are the latest trend growing out of the CBD (cannabidiol) craze. Dabbing is a method of inhaling the CBD by using a method of flash vaporization. This often involves the use of a special dab rig that is built to withstand the high-temperature torching that is used to consume the product on contact.

The bioavailability of CBD in the body when you dab is said to be around 50 percent compared to about 15 percent for ingestion. What this means is that your body is absorbing the CBD more efficiently because it does not have to track through the digestive tract and bypass the liver metabolization processes. In other words, you are receiving more of the medicinal effects of CBD without having to build up a level. In fact, you may be able to feel the effects instantly when you use the dab method.

CBD is often sold in an oil extract that is chocked full of hemp oil. In fact, full spectrum hemp oil contains varying levels of CBD. While this may be the ideal medium for cooking, oral consumption using a dropper, or topical application to the skin, it is not the type of CBD that you want for dabbing. Dabbers use extracts that are waxy or of an otherwise firmer texture. The names for dab extracts often resemble the character of their textures: crumble, honeycomb, shatter, budder, and live resin.

As you can imagine, the crumble crumbles apart. The honeycomb looks almost glassy but is sticky like honey. It may also be called Sap or Snap N’ Pull because it has varying degrees of firmness like wet or dried honey. Shatter has a texture that is more like shattered glass and just as brittle. Budder may be soft like butter. And live resin has a moist sugary consistency because it is fresher.

Are CBD Dabs Safe?

Because dabs are usually extracted using solvents like butane, propane, and alcohol, you should not try to make your own batches or trust a product of unverifiable origin. It may have unhealthy contaminants left over from the extraction process. Purchasing your isolate CBD extracts or dabs from established sellers who have the proper equipment to test them for safety and purity is the only way to know if the CBD dabs are safe.

Are CBD dabs safe if you buy them from online stores? The trust-worthy vendors will present you with a certificate of analysis (COA) that assures you of the lab-tested purity and quality that you are seeking. Just like the prohibition days of bathtub gin, you will find shady sellers on any marketing platform who do not care about your health. But, finding a reputable seller is of paramount importance and easier than ever thanks to the internet.

There are many people that think that dabbing is unsafe because it is often smoked using a propane torch to quickly vaporize it. This may remind people of Richard Prior and his incident of freebasing cocaine and catching on fire. The truth is that only a combustible product that has solvents remaining in it can unexpectedly lead to problems. This might also happen if you have a homemade dab rig that heats up too quickly and inadvertently sets something on fire or explodes.

For the same reasons, you are not going to overdose on CBD. It is not toxic to humans even at super high doses. The most that would happen if you took too much too fast is that you would feel tired, have a headache, and possibly faint. If you faint while your dab rig is burning away those solvents and your rug catches on fire, then we could imagine how dangerous dabbing can be. With that said, it is always best to take things slow and to see how sensitive you are to dabbing CBD before you go overboard.

Are CBD dabs safe? It all depends on testing out the product and verifying that it doesn’t have any nasty contaminants in it. In fact, because dabs only contain CBD, flavonoids, and terpenes, it is not even harmful to your lungs. If you breathe in some steam during a hot shower and it is enriched with the scent of your Coconut shampoo, is that harmful to your health? I think not! You should ensure that your CBD dabs are safe by only purchasing them from accountable merchants.

How to Smoke CBD Dabs

If you don’t know how to smoke CBD dabs, I am sure that you can figure something out with a little time and research. You can roll them into a blunt or joint. You can dip them onto the tip of a vape pen. Heck, you can even smoke them in a pipe. These methods are relatively self-explanatory. But, you should preferably torch your dabs in a dab rig to enjoy the instantaneous effects.

A dab rig is similar to a water bong, but it involves some weird steps. It has a nail that you have to heat up till it is glowing red instead of a bowl or stem. You let the nail cool down a bit and then use your dab wand to fill it with your dab extract.

The extract will vaporize as soon as it hits the nail. You simply inhale it as it is being vaporized and cap it off to pull through the water pipe fixture. While it may all sound very complicated with all the smoke and mirrors, it is really pretty simple.

Does CBD Dabs Have THC?

A lot of people ask, “Does CBD Dabs Have THC?” While it is possible to find extracts that contain THC, these would be illegal in many states. The major companies who sell CBD dabs will be in accordance with state and federal laws. They will have the investment and safety regulations in mind to ensure that your products are pure and free of contaminants.

Although it may be possible to find quality dabs that contain a full spectrum of marijuana extracts or just pure THC, hemp extract dabs will only have CBD and less than 0.3 percent THC. THC at such minuscule levels is not enough to get a fly high and won’t create any psychoactive effects in dab users.

How Long Do CBD Dabs Last?

Now you know all about CBD dabs and how to use them, why they are better than oil extracts, and whether they contain THC. So, you may be wondering, how long do CBD dabs last? Well, if you are dabbing pure CBD, you will find that you don’t get high off it. What you might find is that the effects are more intense and allow you to take away the day of stress at night. You may find that you are tranquil and relaxed. Try to think of dabbing as the best cup of hot camomile tea or cider that you’ve ever had before bedtime.

Since CBD is something that builds up in your body, dabbing helps you get your levels up in a hurry. For the intensity of it, you may feel calmer faster and be able to ride it out until daybreak. So, while there is no set concept of time considering that the effects are sleep- and health-oriented rather than psychoactive, you may not notice precisely when the effects end. This is because there is no abrupt transformation. It is as natural as taking a nap and waking up for many users.


Dabbing doesn’t have to be intimidating because you are not working with hard drugs like freebase even though the usage methods may be similar. The important part is to get a good rig that is safe to use and starting out slow. Purchasing high quality and lab-analyzed dabs will ensure your safety and satisfaction. When in doubt, throw it out. Don’t accept undocumented dabs that may contain solvents and harmful contaminants. Following these rules will allow you to obtain the maximum medicinal effects from CBD without taking excess volumes of the product to get a level.

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